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Why A FLEA Ukulele?

Ukulele popularity extends far beyond Hawaiian songs. From simple chord strums to intricate finger style solos. Many chart leading songs, commercial jingles and performing artist concerts feature the ukulele's uplifting tone and driving rhythm.

Ukuleles are compact, portable, have four strings made of finger-friendly nylon, can be played with easy chords (many formed by pressing only one or two fingers down on the fingerboard) and enable vocal accompaniment. More affordable than traditional band instruments, playable from the start without costly lessons.

True Joy Acoustics is proud to be an authorized retailer of FLEA brand ukuleles made in the USA by The Magic Fluke Company. We feature CONCERT size models in popular finishes. FLEA ukuleles are high quality performance grade instruments. Ideal for beginners to pro. Among their many innovative features is their flat bottom and balanced center of gravity. STAND UPRIGHT ON THEIR OWN. Uniquely easy to store and accessible to play.

FLEA collage
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