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More than a Fun Instrument: A Music Therapy Tool

Are you a Music Therapy practitioner, student or educator?

FLEA ukuleles are versatile across therapeutic settings.

Cancer Treatment Child

Here's Why:

  • easy fretted acoustic instrument for therapists AND patients: easier to master than guitar yet offers similar multi-sensory and fine/gross motor skill engagement
  • guitar skills easily translate: standard GCEA ukulele tuning is "up a 4th" from the first four strings on guitar; it's like playing your guitar with a capo on the 5th fret, many chord shapes and melody riffs reapply
  • nylon strings: facilitate easier and longer instrument interaction versus steel string guitar
  • music versatility: adaptive to a diverse set of treatment populations, abilities and protocols from simple open-string strumming to songwriting improvisation
  • fun and inviting: attractive designs, uplifting timbre and ease of play make them ideal program initiators for individuals and groups
  • compact: easy for patient to hold standing or while in bed, chair, wheelchair
  • portable: an easy travel system for mobile therapists visiting multiple patient sites
  • durable and clean: fiberglass reinforced shell, polycarbonate fingerboard and frets provide ruggedness; surfaces clean easily before and after patient sessions
  • extra protection: inward tuning posts and non-metal frets make FLEA ukuleles a superior instrument choice in critical care settings, no metal protrusions to snag gloves or sensitive skin
  • patient autonomy and control: unique features make FLEA ukuleles “bedside friendly”; they stay in tune and stand tall for easy access, maximizing therapeutic benefits
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