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About Us

Making music is a true joy that can touch the lives of many.

A quality instrument makes all the difference. That's why we feature FLEA brand ukuleles. Affordable, easy to learn, versatile across music genres. They tap you into the soaring popularity of ukulele whether playing solo or in groups. Mastering ukulele also creates an easier path to playing guitar and other instruments, too.

Purchasing a FLEA ukulele from us serves a broader mission. We donate these “little instruments with a big heart” to music therapy programs at leading pediatric hospitals. Played DURING and BETWEEN therapy sessions.

On a limited basis, patient families are allowed to keep the ukulele to continue a special role they play during difficult times. That's why we constantly build the donation stream via SALES and generous SPONSORS. They help us replenish hospitals and expand patient reach.

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That's what this is all about. Inspiring you to make music. Helping others along the way.

Greg, True Joy Acoustics founder

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